Little Mysteries: Questions and Answers

Have you ever wondered why a headache throbs, why cannibalism is bad, or why toilet seats in public restrooms in the U.S. have a gap in the front?

Then wonder no more. We answer these little mysteries and others like; why you shake your hand when you hurt it, why Australia has so many dangerous animals when nearby New Zealand has so few, and why a circle is 360 degrees.

Altogether we have collected 95 little mysteries and answered them. Read the book, wonder, and be amazed by the answers.


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More questions from the book:

  • Why don’t aged beef simply rot or spoil?
  • Why do physical scares last for a last lifetime if the cells of your body are replaced every 7 years?
  • Why is a bird native to North America named after the country of Turkey?
  • How can Chinese companies ship products sold on eBay (and other similar sites) to the other side of the world (North America and Europe) for less than $1?
  • Why are some fruits sour or spicy if their purpose is to get eaten and have their seeds spread?
  • Where are all the baby pigeons and where are all the dead pigeons?