SWISS Income: Sell While You Sleep

A Critical Guide
In the book we take a critical look at different ways of generating passive income. The world is already full of overly optimistic and often wildly unrealistic how-to guides for generating passive income. Our goal in this book is to provide a somber and critical guide to the world of passive income.

Once you are done reading you will have the tools to set up a SWISS (Sales While You Sleep Soundly) income for yourself. Whether you will succeeded or not is up to you.


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The Five Categories of Passive Income

1. Property Income
• Rent
• Interest
• Profit

2. Royalties
• Writing a Book
• Making Music
• Voicing an Audiobook
• Inventing
• Taking Photos and Making Illustrations
• Making HTML-Templates
• App development
• Designing Clothes
• Online Lectures

3. Arbitrage
• Spatial Retail Arbitrage
• Temporal Retail Arbitrage
• Credit Arbitrage

4. The Internet
• Blogging
• Niche Websites
• Video Blogging (YouTube)
• Social Media
• Podcasting
• Affiliate Marketing
• Subscription Services

5. Digital Goods
• Creating a store
• Public domain goods
• Drop-shipping