The Job Interview: All You Need to Know

Congratulations you’ve been called to an interview! But what do you do now? How do you prepare for success?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. With this complete and comprehensive guide you will learn how to interview like a champion.


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When you are done reading:

• You will know what preparations you should make before an interview (chapter 1).

• You will know and have prepared for the 29 standard questions of any interview (chapter 2).

• You will have seen and read answers for 27 curveball questions and know how to handle curveball questions in general (chapter 3).

• You will be smarter about asking questions in an interview and you will have been given 17 samples questions ready to be asked (chapter 4).

• You will also know more about the importance of body language and you will be able to use this new knowledge to your advantage in the interview (chapter 5).

• You will also know what to do after the interview is over, from courtesy e-mails to callback preparations (chapter 6).

• And you will know how to negotiate the highest salary possible (chapter 7).